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Homotoxicology is the science concept behind antihomotoxic medicine. It is a different way of approaching the patient and his disease. In mainstream medicine the concept of the “terrain and constitution of the sick person” is not looked for and unknown and therefore it often looks as if the patient is only treated based on the presenting symptoms. Homotoxicology is a theory of medicine that views the symptoms of disease as evidence of the body’s defence mechanisms at work against toxic substances. This theory referred to these toxins as Homotoxins. Homotoxicology treatments aid the body in restoring itself to a condition of healthy biochemical balance and views the symptoms of disease as evidence of the body’s defence mechanisms at work against toxic substances. This treatment modality stress the importance of stimulating the body’s natural ability to fight disease and the use of naturally derived formulas to aid the healing process. Homotoxicology is the science of toxins and their removal from the human body and It offers a theory of disease which describes the severity and duration of an illness or disorder based on toxin-loading relative to our body’s ability to detoxify. In other words, it tells you how sick you’ll get when what stays inside progressively overwhelms our ability to get the toxins out. It explains what you can expect to see as you start removing toxins.

Gemmotherapy is a revolutionary modern drainage technic which is extracted from buds and embryonic tissues to clean and detoxify the cellular pathways. Gemmotherapy medicines possess all the properties of various parts of the whole plants. The powerful ingredients in Gemmotherapy are two growth hormones Axin and Gibbrelin. Gemmotherapy perfectly adapted to the Vital Force disturbance being treated. It can easily be combined with other prescriptions. If people are considered as a whole, the elements to which they fall prey develop on a terrain weakened by the slowing down of the elimination organs - emunctories - which are trying to work while there is a continued growth of a pool of toxic substances, badly broken down metabolites, waste material and immune complexes. There is also a concurrent decrease in the defense systems. Just as swampy land is drained by judiciously excavating canals, in the same way an ailing organ will be drained by judiciously chosen medications. Canalizing the waste products towards the exterior by opening the appropriate emunctories is the basic principle of curing by healing from the depth towards the surface."


Trace elements are also known as Oligo-elements, which comes from the Greek work OLIGOS meaning very small, because it is the very small ionic fraction that is taken into consideration and not the corresponding weight in mineral salt. Trace elements are just as indispensible as vitamins. Although the requirements of an average 70 kg person can adequately be filled by a daily intake of 60 mg of trace elements, shortage of one single trace element can lead to very serious problems, chronic deficiency and malaise and fatigue. Trace elements normally found in the human body that act as catalysts in maintaining physiologic functions. They are metals or metalloids contained in the human body in very small amounts which are indispensible to effective organic functioning. Trace elements are mineral particles that occur in minute quantity in all living plant and animal organisms, some of trace elements such as manganese, cobalt, selenium, zinc, iodine, iron, copper, fluorine, chrome, nickel, silver, gold have been researched and their functions are known.

Biochemic salts are minerals, such as rock salt, that have been prepared using the dilution and potentization method. Biochemic salts are the same minerals that are found in rocks and in soil. What's interesting is that they already occur naturally in the human body, which means that an imbalance or lack of certain ones opens the door for illness and disease. In the past we could easily replace lost minerals through our normal daily nutrition, but in modern life 'empty' food harvested from drained soil leads to constant mineral depletion in the human body. The top soil of the whole southern hemisphere is actually devoid of zinc, magnesium and selenium - the latter being one of the most crucial natural immune boosters. Modern lifestyles drain even the most health-conscious of us, and if you consider that you lose minerals through stress, worry, bad nutrition, industrially tainted foodstuffs, electro-pollution (from cell phones, microwaves, computers), through environmental toxins (insecticides, pesticides, preservatives etc), as well as exposure to heavy metals such as amalgam dental fillings, lead, aluminium and contaminated drinking water, it really is a wonder there's anything left. If we only consider the worrisome increase in babies that are already born with allergies and other deficiencies, you can see that a mineral deficiency has been transmitted by the mother. What the mother lacks in minerals during pregnancy, the child will be lacking at birth. This is one of the reasons for the ongoing and increasing generational deficiencies, and will continue indefinitely until people are ready to accept the necessity of a regular mineral-replacement policy in life. With application of the correct amounts of tissue salts, the body can heal and restore itself from within. Biochemic minerals are potentised micro-doses of the 12 essential minerals that your body needs to repair and maintain itself. They are prepared in different dilutions that are gentle enough to be used by the youngest to the eldest member of your family.There are 12 biochemic minerals in total. They were developed in the 1870s by Wilhelm Schussler, a German biochemist and homotoxicologist. Schuessler's Tissue Salts (also known as biochemic or cell salts) are potentised micro-doses of the 12 essential minerals your body needs to repair and maintain itself. They are prepared in homeopathic 6X potencies that are gentle enough to be used by the youngest to the eldest member of your family.There are 12 tissue salts in total. Tissue salts were developed in the 1870s by Wilhelm Schussler, a German biochemist and homotoxicologist.

Therapeutic & holistic nutrition

Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an organism. It is the provision of nutrients to maintain and/ or restore optimal nutrition and health. Many conditions may require nutrition therapy for improved outcomes such as coeliac disease. It is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Supplements as generally understood include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, among other substances


Phytotherapy is the study of the use of extracts of natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents. Phytotherapy medicines differ from plant-derived medicines in standard pharmacology.Plants are Man’s first medicines. Throughout history, people all over the world have used herbs to improve health – they have been central to the art of healing. A constant process of searching, testing and verification in all cultures across the globe resulted in the development of an empirical science. Today, many plants have an established place within scientific medicine and are used for a broad range of health conditions.

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Bio Quantum Academy is an online institution and offers different variety of courses, certifications and diploma programs in homotoxicology (drainage and detoxification ), natural medicine, therapeutic nutrition, bio chemic minerals, organotherapy, therapeutic phytotherapy. Our school grants a variety of certificates and three different diploma programs: Practitioner diploma program level I, Practitioner diploma program level II, Practitioner diploma program III leading to a doctorate. Our graduates are eligible to apply for professional membership and Canadian board certification. Our knowledgeable educators are working together as a team to deliver our unique educational curriculum according to the science of quantum physics in order to provide the best education and make a great difference to people’s health around the world.



. Bio Quantum Academy mission is to educate and train health practitioners and professionals to establish a new practice or bridge to a new modality of natural medicine to enhance the level of their practice efficacy. We also deliver open to public lectures on the different related health topic to raise awareness in order to educate people to choose a right healing modality.

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Bio Quantum Academy is an online mentorship institution. We offer a different variety of courses, certifications and diploma programs in homotoxicology, integrative and natural medicine, therapeutic and holistic nutrition, therapeutic phythoterapy. We also deliver lectures to medical practitioners on the different health related topics.


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