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Integrative Medicine

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE is a scientific medical art. It is a natural system of medicine that treats all kinds of illnesses. It is a powerful system which works with the energy of life and produces genuine long term cures in all kind of diseases. Energy medicine is based on holistic principles, which means that the medicines treat the person as a whole. This approach does not just treat single symptoms but treats the disease from the root.

GEMMOTHERAPY is a revolutionary modern drainage technic which is extracted from buds and embryonic tissues to clean and detoxify the cellular pathways. Gemmotherapy remedies possess all the properties of various parts of the whole plant. The powerful ingredients in Gemmotherapy are two growth hormones Axin and Gibbrelin.

OLIGOTHERAPY, the use of remedies that comprise trace elements normally found in the human body that act as catalysts in maintaining physiologic functions.

NOSODES  is a special type of remedy. A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a natural preparation made from matter from a sick animal or person. Substances such as respiratory discharges or diseased tissues are used.

BIO-CHEMIC TISSUE SALTS are minerals, such as rock salt, that have been prepared using the dilution and potentization method. There are 12 tissue salts in total. Tissue salts were developed in the 1870s by Wilhelm Schussler, a German homeopathic doctor

PHYTOTHERAPY is the study of the use of extracts of natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents. Phytotherapy medicines differ from plant-derived medicines in standard pharmacology

ORGANOTHERAPY, the treatment of disease with extracts from animal organs, especially glands.

NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES,  Everything in your body, from enzymes, hormones, glands, heart, brain, immune system and simply all the cells in your body, need to receive essential nutrients from the functional digestion, absorption and assimilation processes in order to biologically function. Food provides the biochemical ingredients to the body to make and repair cells, tissues, organs, systems and the entire body. What you consume as food, determine the level of your physical, emotional and mental health.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Supplements as generally understood include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, among other substances.

My Approach

As a Classical Homeopath, my approach is to treat the person not the disease. I mainly focus on finding a remedy that is best suited to the patient’s totality of symptoms. I initially look for the striking symptoms of the mind to evaluate mental and emotional state. However, I do not neglect the patient’s physical and pathological symptoms, and generalities such as digestion, energy, sleep, appetite, craving, urination, elimination, etc. Therefore, depending on the patient’s needs, I offer a single homeopathic medicine that covers the totality of symptoms based of the Law of Similarity or Like Cures Like. 

As an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, I create series of protocols that utilizes Gemmotherapy, Oligo-therapy, Organotherapy, Nosodes, Homo-toxicology, and Nutritional Medicines to address cellular deficiency, general and cellular intoxications for the quickest recovery.

 As a Nutritionist, I take into account my patients nutritional needs, food habit, genetic diet, as well as health concerns and facilitate a path towards meeting their optimal health. I create plans based on the person’s nutritional requirements for a fast healing and recovery. 

Weight Loss Program

After twenty years of extensive studying and practice in the field of nutrition, I invented a unique weight loss program. I have done intensive research on weight loss with homeopathic and integrative medicines for my Ph.D. program. It has been proven to be a fast and effective way to lose weight.

My program is based on cellular detoxification, cellular deficiencies, activation of anabolic metabolism, nutrition, and special diet techniques, homo-toxicology medicines according to each individual’s condition in order to target the root and underlying causes of the problem. The weight loss program includes higher protein intake and mineralization. With my program, patients never go hungry, becoming more energized, sleep better, feeling better and have firmer and more toned skin. These all help balance your life and you become happier as a result.

Clinic Policy

All patients are required to fill out medical and consent forms which includes a thorough medical history and chief complaints. There is an initial consultation which takes about two hours. Consultations consist of general, mental, emotional, physical, and pathological questions that depend on the chief complaints of the patients.

An integrative approach is a detail-oriented medical modality which is why I ask patients to answer questions precisely and honestly. Patients with chronic diseases are highly recommended to come for five follow up sessions in order to be monitored closely. Each follow up session takes almost an hour and we go through changes that patients might experience during their treatment.

I always offer half an hour introductory consultation in order to inform people about my approach and treatments to get them to feel comfortable in order to make a decision. I explain my approach, my natural modality, how I practice, and the possible length of their treatments, the cost, followed by an orientation around my office. If they feel comfortable enough to start the treatment, I will then schedule them for the two hours of initial consultation.

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