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Dr.Parvin Zarrin

Dr. Parvin Zarrin. She is one of the world eminent homeopaths and integrative medicine practitioners who has been practicing in Canada and internationally for over 20 years. She has a degree in Nutritional Sciences (B.Sc.), Diploma in Classical Homeopathic Medicine & Sciences, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Integrative Medicine from Canada.

She has been awarded an Order of Excellence for her homeopathic research on obesity and weight loss. She also holds an Honors Diploma in Medical Aesthetics specializing in anti-aging and skin care. Dr. Zarrin studied and received certificates of achievement in Homeopathic Exchange of Knowledge from Germany. She has obtained several certificates in Homo-toxicology Medicine, Biotherapeutic Medicine, Gemmotherapy, Oligo-therapy, Homeopathic Organotherapy, Nosodes, Orthomolecular and Therapeutic Nutrition.  Dr. Zarrin is the founder of the Homeopathy and Nutrition Clinic, Integrative Medicine & Nutrition and Bio Quantum Academy in Canada. She is a mentor, educator, lecturer, and the author of the book Quantum Anti-Aging (Ottawa: Baico Publishing 2020). Dr. Zarrin is the scientific advisor, speaker, and educational partner at the Global Scientific Guild. She has been offering talk shows and educational platform on social media in order to raise awareness and educate the public by the vast amount of information and knowledge about the causes of chronic diseases, the human body’s healing principles, philosophy of cure, and restoration of health. Treating and educating people about how to overcome their illnesses by natural healing approach has been her main priority and focus in life. She teaches science, the medical art of healing and the wisdom found in natural medicine by educating medical practitioners and people globally.

Nutrition Department Designated Courses

Orthomolecular Nutrition I

Orthomolecular Nutrition ll

Nutritional Medicine

Therapeutic Nutrition and Weight Loss by Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine

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