Bio Quantum Academy is a Canadian online mentorship institution. It has been  established by the president of school, Dr. Parvin Zarrin. She is one of the world preeminent integrative medicine practitioner who has been practicing in Canada for over 20 years. She has a degree in Nutritional Sciences (, a Diploma in Classical Homeopathic Medicine & Sciences, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Integrative Medicine Ph.D. from Canada. She has awarded an Order of Excellence for her Homeopathic Research. She has an Honor Diploma in Medical Aesthetics specializing in skin care with a vast amount of knowledge about the holistic anti-aging, weight loss and cosmetics. She studied and received the Certificates of Achievement in Homeopathic Exchange of Knowledge from Germany. She has obtained several certificates in Homo-toxicology Medicine, Biotherapeutic Medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition, Bio-feedback Scan and many other health related certificates. Dr. Zarrin is the founder of Integrative Medicine & Nutrition and Bio Quantum Academy in Canada. She is a world-known integrative practitioner specializing in the homeopathic medicine. She is a mentor, educator, lecturer and the author of the Quantum Anti-Aging book. She also offers talk shows on the social media to raise awareness and educate the mass by the vast amount of information and knowledge about the causes of disease, the process of human body’s healing, philosophy of cure, life principles, restoration of health and longevity. Treating and educating people how to overcome their illnesses and healing has been her main priority in life, and she has been serving people around the world with kindness, love and compassion. She determines to bring the science and art of healing to every single home by educating people globally.

Bio Quantum Academy offers two different educational platforms for the medical practitioners and public. Our school is committed to share knowledge and information with everyone who wants to understand how the human body operates at the different level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, how the body functions beyond the physical level and how you can simply renew, regenerate and rejuvenate your body, how to restore your health at all times by using the Quantum Medicine (Homeopathic Medicine). Bio Quantum Academy offers a variety of certified courses, workshops, lectures and conferences by the qualified, and knowledge-able educators, lecturers and health advocates from different medical background globally. The unique platforms are designed according to the science of homeopathic medicine which falls into the category of quantum physics. Bio Quantum Academy offers a postgraduate program, the “Advanced Diploma in Quantum Medicine” to the Canadian and a postgraduate program, the “International Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy” to Non-Canadian globally.

Disclaimer: the evaluation or validation of the obtained certificates or diploma from the Bio Quantum Academy in the different provinces in Canada or the other countries outside of Canada is the responsibility of the individuals to know about their states or countries’ rules and regulation before entering the program. Bio Quantum Academy is an educational institution and has no responsibility about the process of evaluation, validation and approval of the obtained certificate.