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Dr.Nita Sharma

Dr. Nita Sharma Das is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, she believes in personalized therapy and comprehensive lifestyle medicine, rather than a generalized approach. She has a passion to unfold the wealth that nature possesses.Her articles and literary works find frequent spaces in renowned national and international magazines and journals for various disease profiles and treatment options, home remedies, health fitness regimes, and wellbeing.

There are many interesting articles by her with a focus on women’s health and life care. Dr. Nita is also an educator having the experience to teach allied health professionals. She is author of two books ‘The Herbal Remedy Book’ and “Welcome to Second Spring’ which are available in different offline and online platforms including amazon. is a sincere effort of Naturopathy Expert, Dr. Nita Sharma Das to provide awareness on how different miracle herbs can be incorporated in daily routine, so that one can enjoy life at its fullest. The acceptance of Naturopathy is increasing by people around the world.

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