Bio Quantum Academy
Bio Quantum Academy

Head Of Department

Dr. Ferenc Karácsony

Dr. Ference Karacsony is a medical doctor and a pediatrician. He is an endo-cannabinologist and an experiential expert with an honorary examiner of neural therapy and detoxification methods honoris causa. He graduated in general medicine in 1986, and in 1991 I graduated in pediatrics. From 1980, in parallel with his university studies, he started practicing folk and complementary medicine.

I graduated from several professional colleges, autogenous training, psychotherapeutic methods, and as a scientific student I also dealt with cancer research. He has been working as a private doctor since 1991 to be able to apply complementary medicine in his practice. Medical doctors would not have the opportunity to apply natural medicine in standard clinical practice unless work in private settings. He took a license exam in diagnostic naturopathic methods, blood oxygenation therapies, traditional Chinese medicine, neural therapy, detoxification procedures and homeopathy. He is the author of “The book of detoxification”

Endocannabiod system and terpenoids

an integrative therapy supporting body, mind and soul healing

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