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Bio Quantum Academy & Global Conferences Collaboration

Bio Quantum Academy, Canada and Global Scientific Guild are educational collaborators at the world scientific stage. Dr. Parvin Zarrin is the founder of the academy and  International Integrative Medicine Platform. Dr. Zarrin is the Chairperson, Scientific Advisor and Speaker at the Global Scientific Guild conference. The academy’s faculty are the chairpersons and organizing committee at the global scientific guild. In the past years, the academy and the global scientific guild have been working closely together to bring the most fundamental scientific information and correct scientific narrative to the medical practitioners and the world. The global conferences in collaboration with the academy created a unique and initiative educational platform. The conference platform has united many like-minded, scientific thinkers, researchers, doctors, experts, and practitioners around the world. True science and scientific presenters have been the body and structure of our educational conferences. The conference presenters are a group of enthusiastic, like-minded medical communities who come together from around the world to share views and perspectives, introduce their medical modalities, exchange knowledge and information about true science and the power of medicine in nature in order to make a difference in the people’s health and healing. Natural-integrative medicine is a giant ancient tree with many old and new branches. Therefore, medical practitioners should integrate, collaborate, and educate the powerful and compatible natural modalities under one umbrella of traditional and integrative medicine. This collaborative educational platform by the Bio Quantum Academy and Global Scientific Guild have made a significant difference in the scientific world by voicing the truth behind the human inner healing ability and wisdom of natural medicine. We have brought clarity and confidence to the medical community and people at large. We, the responsible medical community, must unite to build up the future global healthcare for our next generations because we are liable for their natural health and healing. We commit to continue our effort through our high standard and valuable education and conferences, and make a turning point in the everlasting true science-wisdom victory.

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