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Departmental Courses

The Bio Quantum Academy prides itself on its commitment to delivering a comprehensive education in integrative medicine across various scientific departments. Each department offers a diverse array of courses tailored to its specific discipline within integrative medicine. Regardless of the department or specific course level, the Academy maintains a consistent fee structure. All courses, irrespective of the scientific department, carry a fixed fee. Moreover, certain courses feature multiple levels, each delving into deeper aspects of the subject matter. within these varied levels, the Academy adheres to a fixed fee for each stage of the course, ensuring that the pursuit of advanced knowledge and specialization in integrative medicine remains financially transparent and inclusive.

Departmental Course

CAD 999
  • Full payment

Departmental Course

CAD 499
  • 2 Installments

Full Payment of Diploma Programs

The Bio Quantum Academy offers a comprehensive and dynamic series of Integrative Medicine Diploma Programs Level I, Level II, Level III, providing a transformative educational journey for individuals with diverse backgrounds. International Integrative Medicine Diploma is tailored for those seeking to establish, enhance, or transition into a holistic healing practice. Participants delve into diagnostic and treatment skills through courses, case studies, and expert-led discussions, with the opportunity to becoming a board-certified practitioner upon graduation. Whether embarking on a new career or enhancing existing expertise, the Bio Quantum Academy’s Integrative Medicine Diploma Programs provide a comprehensive and transformative educational experience.

Diploma Level 1

CAD 8750
  • Full Amount

Diploma Level 2

CAD 7750
  • Full Amount

Diploma Level 3

CAD 6750
  • Full Amount

Payment Installments of Diploma Programs

Prospective applicants to the Bio Quantum Academy’s Integrative Medicine Diploma Programs are presented with a flexible payment options. The Academy acknowledges the financial considerations of pursuing advanced education, and therefore, offers the opportunity for applicants to break down the program fees into four manageable installments. The specific timeframe for these installments is determined through collaborative discussions between the applicants and the Advisory Board of the Bio Quantum Academy. This approach to payment allows individuals, regardless of their background, to embark on their educational journey with ease, ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of skills in integrative medicine remain accessible and accommodating to a diverse range of learners.

Diploma Level 1 Installment Payment

CAD 2187
  • 4 Installment payment

Diploma Level 2 Installment Payment

CAD 1875
  • 4 Installment payment

Diploma Level 3 Installment Payment

CAD 1687
  • 4 Installment payment


The Bio Quantum Academy extends a warm invitation to both individuals and organizations to become valued members of our academic family. By joining the academy, members gain the unique opportunity to foster deeper collaborations with our esteemed faculty members and leverage the extensive reach and resources that the academy offers. Whether you are seeking to advance your knowledge in integrative medicine or an organization aiming to establish and promote your activities, a membership in the Bio Quantum Academy provides a platform for meaningful engagement and synergies. Our commitment to excellence in education and the advancement of integrative medicine is amplified through the collaborative efforts of our academic community, creating a dynamic space for shared learning, growth, and the collective promotion of holistic well-being.

Membership Annual Fee

CAD 399
  • Full payment

Admission Fee

Upon applicants registration for the International Integrative Medicine Diploma Program, the Bio Quantum Academy initiates a personalized approach to address the unique needs of each individual. Prior to meeting with the applicants, the designated faculty meet for a dedicated session to thoroughly review all submitted documents and certifications. This preliminary meeting serves as a platform to discuss the specific target discipline within Integrative Medicine that each applicant aims to pursue. Subsequently, a comprehensive discussion is scheduled with each applicant in a separate meeting. Through these dual processes, the academy endeavors to gain an in-depth understanding of the individual aspirations, backgrounds, and expectations of the applicants. The goal is to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of each participant, ensuring a truly individualized academic environment that nurtures and supports the diverse educational journey of our students. This proactive and personalized approach underscores the academy’s commitment to fostering an enriched and tailored educational experience for every enrolled student in the Integrative Medicine Diploma Program.

Diploma Programs Admission Fee

CAD 249
  • Full payment


Quantum Anti-Aging Book

CAD 40
  • Full payment including shipping

Make a Payment

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Custom Amount Payment
  • Full payment
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