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Therapeutic Nutrition and Weight Loss by Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine​

Course Instructor

Dr. Parvin Zarrin is one of the world eminent homeopaths and integrative medicine practitioners who has been practicing in Canada and internationally for over 20 years. She has a degree in Nutritional Sciences (B.Sc.), Diploma in Classical Homeopathic Medicine & Sciences, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Integrative Medicine from Canada …

Dr.Parvin Zarrin

Bio Quantum Academy Specialized Individual Course

With Professionl Certificate

Therapeutic Nutrition and Weight Loss

by Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine

Activating Your Constructive Metabolism by Homeopathic Medicine. Excess weight is a symptom of chronic internal disharmony, hypo-state of the body biological activities and catabolic metabolism. Symptoms are your survival and they should never be suppressed by invasive treatments or artificial techniques. Chronic cellular deficiency and cellular intoxication are the main causes of gaining excess weight. Excess weight is not a matter of excess intake but a chronic cellular starvation and intoxication. It is a symptom of a chronic underlying imbalance due to a long-term cellular deficiency, intoxication and inadequate cellular energy flow. In order to have a healthy and balanced weight, you must remove the internal underlying causes. It can be detrimental if managing the weight by quick or sever calorie reduction, long term food intake restriction, taking medications or doing vigorous exercise when the body is battling with a chronic deficiency at the cellular level. You lose the battle of weight loss because you are swimming against the current and fighting with your mother nature. Mother nature always wins. You can safely and permanently shedding off the excess weight by consuming proper food and nutrition to address cellular deficiency, right amount of mineralization, correct detoxification, balancing PH level and sustaining homeostasis, lifestyle changes and activating your anabolic metabolism. You can achieve a balanced weight by removing the blockage in internal pathways and endocrine system by homeopathic medicine, gemmotherapy, oligo-therapy, organotherapy, homeopathic tissue salts and therapeutic nutrition. This is a full certification course of 10 Hours and addresses all metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, excess weight and more. This course is counted toward a diploma program that are offered by various departments at the Bio Quantum academy. By Dr. Parvin Zarrin 

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