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Future Perspectives on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Course Instructor

Dr. Ladislau Rosenberg has been involved in research, education, and practice in various fields of integrative medicine for over 45 years and he is recognized as a specialist in apitherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy and homeopathy. Dr. Ladislau Rosenberg was an Associate Professor at two important universities in Romania, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Targu Mures, Faculty of Pharmacy and the University “Lucian Blaga” of Sibiu, Faculty of Medicine …

Dr.Ladislau Rosenberg

Bio Quantum Academy Specialized Individual Course

With Professionl Certificate

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Course Presented by Department of Phytotherapy , Bio Quantum Academy

This course aims to explore the most promising medicinal and aromatic plants of the future, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of their therapeutic properties, cultural significance, and potential applications. The curriculum will cover a diverse range of plants, including those with historical significance and those gaining attention in contemporary research. Students will gain insights into the science behind these plants and their potential contributions to future healthcare and

– Weekly quizzes on plant knowledge and uses
– Research paper on a chosen medicinal or aromatic plant
– Group project on the sustainable cultivation and harvesting practices of a selected plant
Course Format:
– Online courses on Zoom one to one
– Lectures, guest speakers,
– Group discussions and case studies
– Basic understanding of biology and botany

By the end of this course, students will have a well-rounded perspective on the medicinal and aromatic
plants that hold promise for the future, along with the knowledge to critically evaluate ongoing
research in the field.

Presented by Dr.Ladislau Rosenberg

– Overview of traditional and contemporary uses of medicinal plants
– Importance of plant-based medicine in global healthcare
– Current trends and future prospects in herbal medicine

– History and cultural significance of cannabis
– Medicinal properties of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC
– Research advancements in cannabis-based therapies
– Legal and ethical considerations

– Origin and traditional use of Ayahuasca in South American cultures
– Contemporary interest in Ayahuasca for mental health
– Potential therapeutic benefits and ongoing research
– Ethical considerations and cultural sensitivity

– Introduction to adaptogenic herbs
– Ashwagandha: Stress reduction, cognitive enhancement, and physical performance
– Rhodiola: Mood improvement, anxiety reduction, and cognitive enhancement
– Scientific evidence supporting adaptogenic properties

– Overview of Kratom and its cultural significance
– Stimulant and pain-relieving properties
– Current research on Kratom as an alternative to opioids
– Potential risks and controversies

– Historical use of Frankincense in traditional medicine
– Medicinal properties and potential benefits
– Aromatic resins in holistic health
– Scientific exploration of Frankincense's anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects

– Exploration of lesser-known plants with therapeutic potential
– Latest research findings and ongoing studies
– Opportunities and challenges in researching new plant-based medicines

– Current regulatory landscape for medicinal plants
– Ethical considerations in plant-based medicine research
– Future trends and potential breakthroughs in the field
– The role of sustainable practices in preserving medicinal plant resources

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