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Immune System, COVID19 & Causes of Disease

Article By

Dr.Parvin Zarrin

Homeopath and Integrative Medicine practitioner

Virus was discovered by science, let’s talk scientifically. Virus does not kill, the fragile body dies. In the natural and holistic domain, we must follow the natural laws and principles that govern life in order to remove the disease of the human body. Nature never changes its laws and principles, and it has always been operating accordingly from the beginning of life. Nature has never designed the way that a microscopic-organism such as a virus can destroy a macro-organism such as a human body. You should not look for health and healing outside of you because healing ability is an internal domain. Health is the balanced state of the physical body, mind, emotions and the fundamental energy or lifeforce. The human body is an absolute part of nature, it follows the same life principles, and it has no artificial death by a virus in its nature. The human body is constantly going through the cycles of weakening- degeneration, followed by renewal-regeneration exactly as the process of sickness and healing. These characteristics are endowed in all living beings including the human body by nature with no exception. True and honest physicians must know the human body as a whole entity in order to restore health gently and permanently. We must clearly understand how the human body operates at all levels and dimensions, how natural laws and principles govern the nature including the human body, then it is quite simple to apply the natural strategies that activate the body’s healing ability to restore health at any age, rejuvenate at any age, renew and recover at any age. According to my trinity of disease, there are three fundamental underlying causes for all acute, chronic, epidemic or pandemic illnesses that can cause artificial or early death. But who is the target of an artificial illness or early death? In order to simplify my view, I would like to briefly explain the biochemical components of the human body before getting into the functional aspect. The physical dimension of human body is a vessel of 92 specific biochemical elements and essential nutrients, 60 essential minerals, 12 essential amino-acids, 12 water soluble vitamins, 4 fat soluble vitamins, 3 main essential fatty acids, water and oxygen which must be replaced and replenished on a regular basis to assist the body’s biological function in order to renew, heal and restore health at all times. The human body cannot make the essential nutrients on its own, therefore, they must be received through proper nutrition on a daily basis, and also the necessary supplements as required. As we learn from the number of the nutrients, two thirds (2/3) of the body’s biochemical nutrients are minerals. Minerals are the structure of the human body to the point when the body is burned, the only remaining materials are minerals. Minerals are critically important because they work like a glue in the DNA of cells to keep the lines of amino acids in chromosomes in place and intact. More than 90% of degenerative conditions including artificial death are caused by mineral deficiency. Disease and degeneration or health and regeneration always start at the cellular level. DNA of the cell loses its structure and it consequently malfunctions when the cell is chronically deficient, when the cell is chronically intoxicated, and when the cell does not receive an adequate energy flow for their vital biological functions. Whenever these three conditions exist in the cells, disease would easily take place, and it can evolve quickly from the early phase of benign to the advanced phase of destruction. Now, the world is the prisoner of a microscopic entity, “the COVID-19” due to a lack of knowledge about the fundamental causes of human disease, a lack of knowledge about how the natural laws and principles govern life as a whole, and how the human body operates as an absolute part of nature, a lack of knowledge about the true system of medicine and right medical modality for each individual in order to prevent, reverse and cure the body. Since the past 100 years, people have been heavily medicated, drugged up and intoxicated by long-term consumption of chemical drugs, artificial food and constant exposure to the environmental aggressions and toxins. People have been nutritionally deficient by modern agriculture due to the depleted topsoil for decades, people have been going through stressful and challenging lives that drive them to consume artificial food and drink. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle has become an unnatural way of living. As a result of decades of ignorance and negligence, the people’s body has not been given a chance to heal itself and sustain the body’s homeostasis, equilibrium and balanced state naturally. People’s immune system is suppressed and compromised due to the chronic consumption of the suppressive chemical medications that has caused a high level of cellular toxicity and cellular fragility in people for decades. Corona virus does not need to be fought through mandated baseless rules and regulations, curfew and lockdown. Virus needs to be fought with a strong and intelligent internal army, the human immune system. As you can hear the number of infected people was increasing every day no matter the enforced unscientific requirements. This situation is called the pandemic, it means everyone is exposed to it, but not everyone gets critically infected, or becomes degenerated or dies. Let’s talk scientifically here, Corona is just a virus, it does not choose specific places to go, and it does not understand the essential and non-essential services. Virus does not count the number of people at indoor gatherings. Virus is not able to see the color red, orange or green zones. Virus has a Nano-technology that can go anywhere at any time but it only chooses the right hosts among animal and human body to carry out its biological activities. A virus is a Nano-size entity, it can enter from any mucus membranes of mouth, nose, eyes, ears and even skin if the first line of defense or innate immune system is dormant or impaired. Actually, the COVID-19 is taking lives in the most advanced societies with a high level of hygiene but the lowest level of immunity. Micro-organisms such as viruses are created by nature with an ability to look and find a right host among organisms such as animals and the human body in order to be nourished, survive and proliferate. This is the virus’s nature as it has been created by nature. Then who is the right host? A virus is destructive only on the degenerated and intoxicated human body. The one who has been chronically intoxicated by the internal and external toxins, who has chronically been deficient, who has blockage of energy flow at the cellular level for a long time, and who has a pre-existing medical condition with compromised and low level of immunity. Metabolites and by- products of the medication drugs, oxidized food, external and internal toxins can be deposited in the extracellular and intracellular level, they compete with the cellular nutrients, and they consequently rub the body off the essential nutrients. They leave a giant amount of toxins in the body, they block the life energy flow, interrupt the body’s biochemical pathways, suppress the disease symptoms and deepen the disease further inside the body. That’s why the elderly people with the fragile body have badly been attacked by this virus due to a long-time consumption of the chemical drugs and intoxication. On the other hand, the human body is created by the same nature, with a super power of natural healing ability to fight and heal. Human body’s immune system is programmed to recognize the non-self from itself, no matter if it is a virus, bacteria, fungus, toxins, food particles or any other foreign materials. When the immune system is dormant, it allows a pathogen to pass the first line of defense without a detection, when a pathogen can pass from the second line of defense without being recognized, at this point, the immune system is not intelligent and vigilant, and it cannot mount an immune response in order to produce antibody against antigen. Therefore, the body cannot fight off the pathogen to destroy it quickly, and the pathogen can easily enter into the body to be sheltered. Due to the chronic cellular deficiency and intoxication, the gate of the cell is too weak, it easily breaks and allows a pathogen to get into the cell with no effort. The pathogen immediately hijacks the entire cell, and it easily hacks the fragile DNA to mutate the genetic materials. At this point, viruses can easily shelter, feed off and proliferate inside the cells in no time. When the body is at this level of fragility, the two main buffering systems of lungs and kidneys cannot do their vital biological function in this critical situation to bring the PH level of the body into balance state on time. Therefore, the blood pH level drops drastically, and as a result, the body goes into a coma and dies. When we look at this phenomenon holistically, the whole process of destruction is not caused by a virus, it is caused due to the prolonged cellular energy blockage, chronic cellular nutritional deficiency and cellular toxicity that leads to the weakness, fragility, and lack of the body’s ability to respond, to cope and fight off quicker than the virus biological action. Destruction by a virus happens when the body’s degeneration process has already occurred, and the virus is a trigger for the further destruction and final death. The disease does not kill when the body’s natural ability is awakened and activated. This power is endowed in every single human body by nature without exception. No microorganism can kill a human body when the body’s intelligence is awakened and it can act up quicker than a pathogen’s action. No pathogen can kill the human body when the cell and DNA of the cell are strong and intact. It is the immune system’s vital job to combat the virus, no matter if the body has come into contact with a virus for the first time without previous immunological memory or it already has a documented memory. We are surrounded with countless micro-organisms and pathogens which are new to our body all the time, it is the function of our defense system to recognize and destroy them quickly, also to memorize and save the immunological antibody information for the next possible contact. The viruses don’t have power over the human body’s natural ability unless the human body is powerless. No virus has the ability to kill the human body, the body dies because of an inability to recognize, defend and destroy a virus. Immunodeficiency is the cause of the human body’s destruction and artificial death, not a virus. Immune system is our defense mechanism, protects us like an army and is essential for our survival and health. Without an immune system, our bodies would be open to attack by all kind of parasites, viruses, bacteria, toxins and environmental aggressions. Immune system is not a separate entity from the whole body, and similar to the other parts of the body, it must be essentially well nourished, regularly detoxified, naturally be awakened and fortified in order to carry out its biological function of defending and protecting the body as nature has programed it to do. Immune system contains a vast network of cells and tissues such as different white blood cells which constantly look for invaders and foreign materials. As soon as an enemy is spotted, our defense system intelligently mounts a complex attack as an immune response to fight it off. Without an immune system, we would have no way to fight harmful things that enter into our body from outside or harmful changes such as cancer cells that occur inside our body. We have two subsystems within our immune system, known as the Innate Immune System or Non-Specific that we are born with, and Adaptive Immune System or Specific that develops as we go through life. Innate immune system includes skin, mucous membranes of the throat and the epithelial tissues of guts. If the pathogen manages to evade the innate immune system by a sudden shift of position, the adaptive immune system or specific immunity gets involved. Adaptive immune system develops as we go through life by being exposed to disease agents or getting vaccinated, and we build up a documented information of antibodies to many pathogens. As our immune system remembers previous enemies and invaders, the adaptive immunity is referred to as immunological memory. Both immune sub-systems are closely linked and worked together whenever a pathogen or germ triggers the immune system. In order to remove the disease, we must understand the nature of the human body, the underlying causes of the disease, no matter acute, sub-acute, chronic, epidemic or pandemic. In order to heal we must understand the healing process and how the human body works as a whole. Disease does not kill the body due to inability to cope and fight off the disease. Disease is not created outside of the body, it is the product of the internal weakening, dormancy and a lack of ability to cope and respond to the disease causes. Now, people are locked down for months, living in uncertainty, in panic, and anxiety due to wrong approach and a lack of holistic knowledge about the human body’s natural healing ability. In order to remove a disease generally, we should understand the classification of disease. In regards to all kinds of disease manifestations, such as Corona virus infection, there are six phases to the body’s ability to cope with the present toxins that is released by the virus. The reaction of the body in the presence of homo-toxins determines the phase of disease that the patient is in. The main parameter to cure is not just the toxins or virus itself but the way the body deals with it. Disease evolution has six phases that apply to all illnesses. The progress of a disease means a worsening of the situation, as the toxins of the virus are tending to move from extracellular to intracellular, instead of being processed and eliminated. A suppressive treatment by chemical medication is behind this evolution and the phase of disease cannot be determined. Corona virus’s biological activity causes an internal disharmony and chaos in the human body that is called a disease. The disease progress is called the disease evolution including 6 different phases: 

1-Excretion phase. In the first phase of disease, the body can adequately cope to eliminate toxins by increasing the normal excretion process. The body is in a state of hypersecretion such as runny nose or diarrhea, without getting the defense system mobilized.

2-Inflammation phase. Once homo-toxins get accumulated at the level of the extracellular matrix, defense mechanisms will be activated to counter the intoxication status. Local inflammation such as sore throat, swelling, redness, pain, fever is classified in this phase. Inflammation is a turbo-cleaning of the matrix therefore the cell is not involved at this phase. 

3-Deposition phase. In this phase, homo-toxins are stored in extracellular matrix. If inflammation pathways are blocked due to usage of suppressive allopathic medications, or the amount of deposited toxins are too high, the body will create a process of temporary storage or deposition of the homo-toxins. Thus, a quite dangerous situation appears as few clinical signs are presented in the deposition phase with very few complaints from the person but at the same time the storage of toxins will threaten the cell and affect its biological functioning.

4-Impregnation phase. In this phase of disease, the homo-toxins impregnate from extracellular into the cells. Toxins are inside the cell, and become part of the connective tissue itself and cause tissue damage. Severe symptoms can occur at this age. Most viruses will try to get into the cells to proliferate. It happens fast and also the body will try to develop a specific defense (Ig) and eliminate the infected cells. At this phase T cell activity and NK cell induced elimination of toxins.

5-Degeneration phase. In this phase the cells start dying by intoxication. Organ degeneration occurs during this phase as the build-up toxins destroy large cellular groups within the organs. In this phase, we see loss of tissue, hardening of tissue and limited function of the whole affected tissue. In the degeneration phase, most of the degeneration conditions are irreversible.

6-Differentiation. In this phase, proliferation occurs and cells lose their specific function and dedifferentiate to omnipotent cells that can easily migrate to other cells and locations in the body. At this stage, the body becomes just toxins, loses its normal biological functions and dies. 

When we understand the disease agent such as this particular virus, knowing how the human body works as a unit, and acknowledging the phase of disease, it is quite simple to remove the disease by applying the best suited medical modality. I treat viral infection based on the totality of symptoms and manifestations of disease, and the phase of disease presented in each individual. I design treatment protocols according to each individual case and requirements using:

Single Homeopathic medicine or constitutional remedy based on the totality of symptoms and the patient’s characteristics.

Complex Homo-toxicology medicine (a branch of homeopathic medicine) for gland, organ and tissue detoxification to relief symptoms gently

 Gemmotherapy dilutions for cellular drainage and mineralization

Oligo-elements for the trace mineral deficiency

Homeopathic Tissue Salts for the cell, organ and tissue’s structural mineralization and biochemical function

Homeopathic Organotherapy preparations for internal organ’s stimulation

Homeopathic Nodose remedies for homeopathic immunization

Nutritional medicine for the required supplementation

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