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Treatment of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Based on Integrative Approach

Article By

Dr.Parvin Zarrin

Homeopath and Integrative Medicine practitioner

This article briefly explains my view, perspective and key points about Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia and how I treat the condition by my integral approach including homeopathic medicine, homeopathic tissue salts, homeopathic organotherapy, homo-toxicology, gemmotherapy, oligo-therapy, orthomolecular nutrition, food, and lifestyle interventions in my practice.

Alzheimer’s is not a brain disease; brain never creates disease, brain proportionately responses to the disease and manifests the disease.

Alzheimer’s is not a mental disorder because it is not originated in the mind. Alzheimer’s is not a disease itself; but a response to an internal disease, and a manifestation of a very chronic internal disharmony and chaos. The brain can never be the primary site of disease in all such cases.

Brain never develops or originates a disease unless its cells are degenerated or destroyed by frequent concussions, stroke, hemorrhage, trauma, coma, severe infections such as meningitis, long-term consumption of psychiatric medications and recreational drugs.

Brain’s job is to keep you survived at any given moment no matter the cost on the body. Unfortunately, in Alzheimer’s, the brain itself becomes a battle field for the disease, because the disease process is severely chronic, gradual, slow process and most of the time asymptomatic in the beginning.

The human body has only one dis-ease or internal disharmony with countless manifestations of disease which are presented as symptoms. According to my “Trinity of Disease,” that elaborated in my book “Quantum Anti-Aging” the main underlying causes of almost all chronic conditions are:

1st – Inadequate energy flow at the cellular level throughout the body

2nd – Chronic cellular deficiency

3rd – Chronic cellular intoxication

My holistic view and perspective on the causes of disease never changes because, it is based on the natural laws and principles which govern the human body. Human body is an absolute part of nature and follows the same principles without exception.

There is always an original or primary site where the internal chaos or disease is created. If disease is not addressed and removed on a timely manner, it would travel through all the internal communication pathways, and eventually present itself at the manifestation site. Manifestation site is a battle field where the disease presents itself through symptoms. Symptoms are appeared on the battle field or manifestation site according to an individual’s tendency, susceptibility, predisposition, nutrition, food, lifestyle, level of toxicity, level of cellular deficiency and environmental factors.

The human body operates as one unit, the way nature designed it to work which means when one part is sick, the whole unit or person is sick. That is why, homeopathy treats the person based on inner healing ability not different parts of the body separately. Homeopaths are not the human body mechanics to fix the body parts, but we follow the science of medical art, healing principles and concept of cure to treat the whole as one.

Disease has an indicated table including six different phases that is called the evolution of disease. Disease process starts from a benign phase of excretion, inflammation, to deposition, impregnation, to degeneration and very advanced phase of malignancy or de-differentiation. Alzheimer’s is not a mental disease, Alzheimer’s is not originated in the brain, disease presents itself on the central nervous system and it progresses to the peripheral nervous system, and gradually effects cognition, memory, perception, judgment, learning, concentration, awareness, reasoning, creativity, planning, coordination, and movement.

Forgetfulness and memory loss can happen at any age but it worsens in older age due to much longer cellular deficiency, deeper intoxication, and long-term inadequate energy flow at the cellular level. So, an ultimate internal disharmony is created.

In Alzheimer’s, the disease has chronically evolved to a very advanced state or malignant phase which has almost started years before presenting any symptoms. Alzheimer’s does not happen overnight acutely, or just in a short few months. In Alzheimer’s the entire bodily organs and endocrine pathways are involved, and it primarily is originated in the hepatic system, the liver. The liver is the primary site where internal chaos is located, and the communication pathways from the hepatic system to renal system to cardiovascular system and finally to nervous systems are disrupted or even blocked.

In advanced stage of disease, brain would become a parking lot for the disease agents or toxins that present the chronic disease. In all advanced memory loss related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, every single cell and organ in the body loses specific memory about how to biologically function. All internal organs, systems and their communication pathways start losing functional memory gradually.

In this regard, memory loss of the hippocampus-temporal lobe of brain is much prominent because the history of our life experiences, our thoughts and consciousness are imprinted, documented, and saved as short- and long-term memories. So, you are aware of memory loss in the brain because you cannot remember your life experiences from the past but you are not aware of memory loss in your liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, reproductive system, skin, and the other organs because these organs are not actively dealing with memorization and remembering your personal life experiences but the brain does.

Every single cell in the body has a mind of its own which memorizes specific experiences and functions accordingly. That is why different body cells do not respond to changes the way that the brain cells do. Memory loss happens in all cells and communication pathways in the body, and in Alzheimer’s, the very first critical malfunction happens in the hepatic system, the liver cells. The liver is our body project manager, and is constantly building up new molecules and breaking down the older and larger molecules. It breaks down larger proteins and makes new molecules from them to be used by the body.

The liver is one of our main elimination organs, and is naturally designed to eliminate excess, corrupted, and toxic materials quickly and efficiently from the body.

As all the internal organs collaborate and work together harmoniously, the liver always needs support of the kidneys to do a proper elimination out of the body before the toxic substances entering the blood stream and circulate throughout the entire body. In Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia, the major elimination organs, the liver, and kidneys gradually start losing memory and information about how to conduct their vital biological functions. The human body is a holistic unit, when one part loses memory, the other parts would not remain intelligent. So, when the toxic materials are not eliminated, they enter the blood stream and recirculate through the vascular system to the entire body. Therefore, they would quickly reach the brain-blood barrier and enter the brain and start blocking the brain communication pathway.

Blood is supposed to bring only glucose as the brain fuel, oxygen, and nutrients to the brain, but instead it pours abundance of toxic materials such as beta-amyloid protein-42 that is a corrupted peptide or abnormal protein chain of very toxic form of amyloid. This kind of corrupted peptide should not have been made in the first place in the body or it must be eliminated quickly and efficiently by the liver.

Also, the heavy metals such as alumina, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead, carbon monoxide, solvents and giant amounts of free radicals which are supposed to be eliminated by the liver, would pour inside the brain. Beta-amyloid 42 is formed from the breakdown of a larger protein, called amyloid precursor protein made in bone marrow and can be deposited in any tissue or organ. Amyloid-beta precursor protein is a large membrane protein that normally plays an essential role in neural growth and repair.

In Alzheimer’s brain, abnormal levels of this naturally occurring protein clump together to form plaques that collect between neurons and disrupt cell electrical and biochemical functions. However, later in life, a corrupted form can destroy nerve cells, leading to the loss of thoughts and memories in Alzheimer’s people. Amyloid is an abnormal protein and the liver vital job is to eliminate it quickly without delay.

This abnormal protein and heavy metals together block the communication pathways between the neurons, normal processing and transmitting information via electrical and chemical signals. Also, they block the pathways of glucose and oxygen to be reached to the brain cells, block the metabolism in the brain due to a lack of oxygen, therefore the brain cells would starve and gradually degenerate due to the lack of glucose and oxygen. Toxins block the hippocampus-temporal lobe communication pathway in the brain, so the memory gland is not able to pullout the saved documents as memories. Toxins block the brain communication pathways to send messages from the brain to the different muscles and organs throughout the body.

Brain glial cells which protect neurons from physical and chemical damage are responsible for clearing foreign substances and cellular debris from the brain are overwhelmed due to enormous amount of deposited toxic materials from circulation. Also, the glial cells would not be able to function efficiently due to accumulation of the protein tau inside the brain’s cell that causes neurofibrillary tangles. So, communication pathways, metabolism, and repair in the brain cells would stop, and the brain cells start dying.

Mainstream medicine has no solutions for Alzheimer’s because they target the manifestation site in order to manage the disease by suppressing symptoms, but not be able to address and remove the disease from the origin. The mainstream most important strategies for halting the accumulation of amyloid are currently in clinical trials includes: Immunotherapy, which utilizes antibodies that are either developed in a laboratory or induced by the administration of a vaccine to attack the amyloid and promote its clearance from brain which is too risky for the brain. They also try to remove Alzheimer’s amyloid plaque by high consumption of vitamin D which is unscientific. Vitamin D is metabolized and stored in the liver, when the liver is already malfunctioning, it cannot metabolize fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin D. Therefore, high consumption of vitamin D can cause much further hepatic toxication. Alzheimer’s can never be cured by suppressing the symptoms in the brain without addressing and removing the cause from its origin.

My holistic-integral approach

Disease cannot be removed by working on symptoms at the manifestation site. Alzheimer’s cannot be removed by medicating the brain, because the disease is not originated in the brain. When the disease is removed from its origin, the symptoms will gradually and surely be removed according to the time of their appearance. So, when the communication pathways through the hepatic system, renal system and circulatory system start functioning properly, the symptoms in the brain gradually will disappear. Depends on the chronicity of disease, it might require several months or possibly a few years of right treatment to fully recover.

I work on the communication pathways “Liver-Kidneys-Endocrine-Blood-Brain” to halt and remove the internal disease from its origin.

I must indicate that a homeopathic constitutional remedy cannot be found in the beginning of homeopathic treatment because in Alzheimer’s, the real picture of constitutional case is lost due to chronicity of the condition. Alzheimer’s is the result of probably decades of blockage in the internal communication pathways, therefore, there is no a clear picture of the disease to be able to find a right homeopathic similimum at least in the first three months.

The very first step is to gradually unwind the process of disease from the very destructive phase to benign phase in order to be able to get a clear picture of the disease. Then, the case can be ready to be retaken constitutionally.

Brief key points of my integral treatment

1-Cellular Detoxification & Emunctories Drainage protocols for the first three months. All treatments are done by

Homeopathic single medicine: such as Alumina, Barita carbonic, Argentum nitricum, Hyoscyamus, Conium, Arsenicum album, Crotalus horridus, Lycopodium, Aurum iodatum, Agnus castus, Anacardium, Phosphorus (30CH, 200 CH, 1M, 50M) plus indicated concomitant remedies according to the case.

Homo-toxicology: cellular, glandular and brain communication pathways detoxification and support

Homeopathic Tissue Salts (brain mineralization): Calc-phos, Ferrum-phos, Kali-phos, Mag-phos, Nat-phos (3X, 6X, 12X). Added 12 tissue salts for general mineralization as needed.

Gemmotherapy: deep emunctories drainage (liver, kidneys, endorine system): such as Buxus sempervirens, Olea europaea, Alnus glutinosa, Malus sylvestris, Vaccinum vitis idaea, Rosmarinus officinalis, Vinca minor, Sequoia gigantea

Oligo-therapy (pathways mineralization): such as Zinc, Iodine, Zinc-Copper, Lithium, Iron

Organotherapy: Homeopathic Sarcodes (hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid, Pancreas, Adrenals, Gonads) for endocrine system stimulation, activation, balanced equilibrium, and homeostasis.

Orthomolecular Nutrition: Required vitamins and minerals as needed

Pathways Detoxification and Mineralization

1-Hepatic System Pathway

2-Renal System Pathway

3-Cardio Vascular System Pathway

4-Central Nervous & Peripheral Nervous Systems Pathways

5-Endocrine System Pathways

6-Immune System Pathway

*I continue hepatic-liver detox during the entire three months, and reduce the frequency and dosage after three months. After three months I have a better picture of person and retake the case constitutionally in order to find a homeopathic similimum.

*I repeat the entire pathways detoxification and drainage protocols four times in the first year of treatment. First protocol for three months duration, second protocol for six weeks, third protocol for three weeks and forth protocol for two weeks duration.

*I retake the case constitutionally every three months to choose the right similimum after a period of improvement.

*Tip: Cellular detoxification and emunctories drainage need a giant amount of minerals to bond with toxic materials in order to be removed. It is too dangerous to detox without adequate minerals, otherwise it takes a huge toll on the body and can be very harmful.

Brief key points of my designed nutritional protocols

*No animal and plant source proteins to halt amino acids release for the first hepatic-liver detox protocol. Add small salmon or eggs just once a week from the second week on. On the fourth week add two lean proteins a week.

*No inflammatory food such as night shades or allergenic food including tomatoes, cucumber, eggplants, bell peppers, citrus fruits, cherry, potatoes, etc.

*No dairy products, wheat products, alcohol, sugar in the first three months

*No smoking, high dose of artificial medication, too much coffee, alcohol, and recreational drugs.

*No fat-soluble vitamins D, A, E, K for the first three months to take a load of work off the compromised liver and hepatic system.

*No water-soluble vitamins in the first three months specially vitamin C because the excess of vitamin C has a great toll on the kidney’s elimination function.

*High minerals are required. Administer high amount of homeopathic minerals and trace minerals along with high mineral diet such as mixed green powder, green raw vegetables, green cooked vegetables soup plus good amount of pure Omega-3, or small number of nuts such as fresh walnut, almond and pumpkin seeds only.

*Drinking plenty of pure and filtered water throughout the day.

*No sugary fruits, sugar converts to fat in the liver and causes fatty liver that is too risky in Alzheimer’s.

*No vigorous exercise or heavy activities in the very beginning of treatment, just daily walking or swimming is sufficient in order to reserve high energy required for detoxification and healing process for during the first three months.

*Providing a calm, peaceful, nurturing, and compassionate environment to reduce unnecessary environmental stress in order to help a faster recovery.

*All my protocols are designed according to each individual case and they cannot be applied to all Alzheimer’s or dementia cases.

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