Bio Quantum Academy
Bio Quantum Academy

Integrative Medicine Research Diploma - level lll

Registration Requirements

Applicants provide required documents to create an entry file and start processing, assessment, evaluation, and admission. Applicants resume, CV, educational and work background, supporting documents are reviewed, assessed, and evaluated by the Bio Quantum Academy, Canada.

Bio Quantum Academy International Integrative Medicine Diploma Program

With Professionl Certificate

Diploma Level lll

This program is designed for doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, allopath, dentists, medical doctors, dentists, nurses, and health practitioners. The applicants should have an existing degree in the medical field while wanting to add integrative medicine to their medical practice.


Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (Intermediate-advanced level)


4 integrative medicine courses, 10 clinical cases, 20 hours clinical practice, research thesis

Applicant CV or resume (contact information, education, field of study, practice background, achievements, professional references, a copy of notarized certificates, diploma, transcripts, awards, and field of interest, social or humanitarian work.

-Personal interview to discuss applicants’ interests and answering their questions about research programs. Researchers would be assisted and monitored by a supervisor during the program.  

-Administration, processing, evaluation, and admission one-time non- refundable $249.00 which goes toward the research program.

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