Immunology Department of Phytotherapy

Studies in the field of immunology confirm the special importance of our self-defense mechanisms in the fight against infections caused by various pathogenic microorganisms, which are found in abundance in the environment in which we live, but also in our body. Due to this self-healing ability, specific to every creature, be it plant, animal or human, it is possible to survive on Earth. The immune system plays a key role in this activity of protecting the living from bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites at the interface between life and death. The immune system acts by destroying pathogens, which invade living organisms, but also by capturing and annihilating their own altered and harmful structures, such as tumor cells.

A wide range of medicinal and aromatic plants, bee products, volatile oils, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, various vegetables and fruits, and other natural products, which will be presented in this course, exert a good immunostimulating effect on the human body, which creates a means of protection against various pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites).

The course is held by  Associate Professor Dr.Ladislau Rosenberg

Course duration and the teaching method:

10 courses of 1 hour each, offered online on the Bio Quantum Academy Zoom in a one-on-one mentorship basis or a group class.

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