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My statement on the coronavirus pandemic on March, 29/2020

The world is the prisoner of a microscopic entity, the COVID-19 due to a lack of knowledge about life principles, natural laws, and how the human body operates as an absolute part of nature. Countries are shut down due to the lack of efficiency, lack of ability of their healthcare systems, failed methodology and ineffective medical modality. People’s immune system is suppressed and compromised due to the chronic consumption of chemical suppressive medications which has caused a high level of cellular toxicity and fragility for decades. People are locked down, living in uncertainty, panic, and anxiety due to the wrong approach, a lack of holistic knowledge about the human body’s healing concept. Because the authorities in the world were busy building and expanding their external sophisticated armies and mass production of weapons to attack other countries and kill innocent people instead of focusing to educate their own people in order to understand the nature of the human body and build up their internal human army, or the immune system to save lives. The human race is been let down by a lack of knowledge and ignorance.

This is ridiculous! A global catastrophe!!

A virus does not need to be fought through marshal law legislation and lockdown, a virus needs to be fought with a strong and intelligent internal army, the human immune system. As you can see the number of infected people is increasing every day no matter the social distancing and other useless recommendations. COVID-19 is taking lives in the most advanced societies with a high level of hygiene because health and sickness is an internal human body domain. Microorganisms such as viruses are created by nature with an ability to look and find a right host among organisms such as animals and the human body in order to be nourished, survive and proliferate. On the other hand, the human body is created with a power and an ability by the same nature to recognize the non-self from self no matter a virus, bacteria, fungus, toxins or any foreign materials. When your army, or immune system, allows a pathogen to pass the first line of defense without detection when a pathogen can pass from the second line of defense without being recognized, it cannot mount an immune response to produce an antibody against the antigen, therefore, the body cannot fight it off and destroy it quickly. When the gate of your cell is that weak to let the pathogen get into the cell easily and hijack your entire cell when your cell’s DNA (genetic materials) is that fragile to be easily hacked by a virus to proliferate very fast when your main buffering systems such as lungs and kidneys cannot do their vital biological function in a critical situation on time, the blood pH level drops down drastically, the body goes to coma and dies. The whole process is not caused by a virus, it is caused due to prolonged cellular deficiency and toxicity that leads to weakness, fragility, and lack of body’s ability to respond, cope and fight off quicker than the virus action. The disease does not kill when your body’s natural ability and potential are awakened and activated. This power is endowed in every single human body by nature without exception. No microorganism can kill a human body when the body’s intelligence is awakened and can act up quicker than a pathogen action. No pathogen can kill the human body when the cell and DNA of the cell are strong. It is the immune system’s main vital job to combat with a virus, no matter the body has come to contact with a virus for the first time without an immunological memory or has a memory previously. Many pathogens are new to our body, it is the function of our defense system to recognize and destroy them on time, and memorize the immunological antibody for the next possible contact. The viruses don’t have power over the human body’s power unless the human body is powerless. No virus has the ability to kill the human body, the body dies because of an inability to recognize, defend and destroy foreign materials such as a toxin, a virus, a bacteria or any other pathogens. Immunodeficiency is the cause of the human body destruction and death, not a virus. Do not blame a virus. This is a fact!

It is just a beginning. The world must wake up!

I have been practicing Homotoxicology (a branch of homeopathic medicine) and been prescribing immunization protocol for over 20 years with great success. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about COVID-19 pandemic infection or you would like to receive more information about Homotoxicology and my “Immunization protocol”. No matter for prevention or has already come into contact with a pathogen, if you are manifesting the symptoms or infected, I am here to help you.

Knowledge is power!

Thank you, Dr. P Zarrin

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