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Healthy Weight Loss

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Dr.Parvin Zarrin

Homeopath and Integrative Medicine practitioner

Weight gain is not the matter of excess food intake, it is the matter of chronic cellular deficiency. In modern societies, we see more chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, mental illness, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, and many more every day. None of these terms is a disease, these conditions are the manifestations of one internal disease in the human body. Excess weight is not a disease, it is a symptom of a chronic underlying imbalance and disharmony due to a long-term cellular deficiency, cellular toxicity and an inadequate cellular energy flow throughout the body. In order to lose your excess weight, you must remove the underlying causes, not just manage the weight. Long term of managing weight is never going to work, and it is more damaging to your body. There is a time that you definitely have strong willpower to lose weight, you seek different treatments, taking weight loss pills and supplements, going on a restricted diet, having smaller meals, controlling your cravings and appetite, going to the gym and doing vigorous exercise on a daily basis which can be damaging to the body when the body is chronically deficient. You might complain about your gene and blaming your parents, and consequently decide to go through an invasive operation of the gastric bypass surgery. At the end, you realize that nothing works for you and you still keep gaining the weight back to some extent. Excess weight is a symptom of a chronic underlying imbalance due to the prolonged cellular deficiency and intoxication. Let’s simplify it this way, the body has the nutrients reserved which are stored in the body for emergency and critical situations such as traumatic events, accidents, severe injuries, bleeding and convalescence to avoid death and keep your body alive. Since excess weight is the result of the chronic cellular nutritional deficiency, by consuming less food, going on a restricted diet, suppressing your appetite and doing aggressive exercise and workout, then your body has no choice but to use up the emergency reserved nutrients to keep you alive. By continuing this pattern, you will cause more cellular damage and moving your body towards the quick degeneration and premature aging. So, the wrong way to lose weight, is a fundamental factor for the premature and quick aging in everyone. You lose the battle of losing weight because you are fighting with your “Mother Nature” and you are swimming against the current. The human body is endowed with a natural power and ability to heal itself at all times. Your body is a house of biochemistry and energy. It needs to be full of the essential nutrients on a regular basis, it needs to be cleansed at all times, it needs to be energetically balanced for the optimal biological functioning. When you provide the body with whatever it needs essentially, it will heal itself with no effort. Weight gain is not a matter of excessive food intake, it is the matter of the deficiency of essential nutrients, internal toxicity and energy imbalance flow throughout the body. Now, when the body gets a message of deficiency and toxicity, the check engine light in the cells starts flashing. Intelligence of the body detects the problem within, and it creates particular symptoms. Symptoms are your defense mechanism and are your survival. When the cells are deficient, cellular starvation creates the symptoms of hunger, causing constant craving, and it forces the body to eat more in order to survive. Don’t ever go on a restricted diet, low calorie diet or any risky weight loss program, don’t ever do vigorous exercise before mineralizing your body first, before detoxifying your body, before balancing your energy flow. You put your deficient body in danger by starving or eating less. When the cells are intoxicated, the body retains water as much as it can to dilute the toxins to keep you safe and alive. As a result of prolonged deficiency and toxicity, you will gain more weight by eating more food and retaining more water. You must not choose a quick fix or going on a restricted diet with existing deficiency and toxicity. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, initially you must mineralize your body, eliminate all the foods such as dairy and nightshade that cause inflammation, because inflammation increases the production of the stress hormone “cortisol” from the adrenal glands. Cortisol hormone causes more water retention especially around the tummy, it turns everything to fat, and makes you gain more weight. When the body is sufficiently nourished, your appetite and craving naturally is reduced and you eat less amounts of food as a result. Craving particularly is the symptom of essential mineral deficiency. For a healthy weight loss, complex carbohydrates and sugar of all kind should be restricted, and protein or amino acids intake should be increased to reduce the insulin production. Insulin and Cortisol are both responsible for gaining weight and premature aging, they must come under control at all times to have a healthy weight loss. You lose the battle of weight loss because you are swimming against the current and fighting with your “Mother Nature”. Do not ever go against your nature. Mother nature always wins!

I have done an intensive research on the weight loss and quantum medicine, and I have been successfully practicing it for years. I created the special weight loss protocols for different individuals including the homeopathic medicine (homotoxicology), gemmotherapy, organotherapy, oligotherapy, phytotherapy, nutritional supplements and a right food plan with great results

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