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Large Thyroid Tumor & Nodules. Enlarged Right Lobe

•Zara. N. Female 62 years old. Mother of three children. She Lost brother to cancer. Cancer was running in her family. 33% osteoporosis in hip and knees.

Ultrasound result: Thyroid Right lobe measuring 5.3 x 1.8 x 1.7 cm . Mid pole of the right lobe measuring 1.7 x 1.3 x 1.0 cm. Thyroid Left lobe normal size. • She was urged by her family physician to remove her entire thyroid gland because of malignancy chance, not taking a risk.

October 23, 2014. Fifth follow up

•Thyroid ultrasound test done. Comparison made with most recent ultrasounds including biopsy in June 19, 2014 and previous ultrasound in March 13, 2014

•Tumor and nodules were not detected. Size of the right lobe of thyroid was normal and no tumor and nodules were detected in ultrasound. Endocrine specialist called my patient in and reported that tumor and nodules are NUMBED. Numbing in tumors is allopathic language, it means not detected. The specialist returned the patient’s file to her family physician for no more future visits.

April 29, 2015. Sixth follow up after Annual Thyroid check up by family physician. Cytology Report Normal. No more nodules or tumor detected in the new annual ultrasound test. Next biopsy test was cancelled. Tumors were numbed in less than a year, could not be detected by sound resonance detector. Margin was still showing in ultrasound for a while but the tumor was numbed.

•My statement to specialistBy homeopathic treatment, Tumors and Nodules are destroyed from the center of the mass not from the margin. Seeing the margin in ultrasound cannot confirm a tumor during homeopathic treatment.

Female Infertility

•Sep. H. December, 24th, 2007-Infertility-Female 40 years old. Nothing found abnormal in lab tests, pap smear test, monthly cycle normal. Nothing abnormal found in anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system. She did not get pregnant for years. Her allopathic doctor could not explained the reasons to her.

May, 10th 2008. Missed her cycle for 5 days. Scheduled an appointment to come to my office. Pregnancy test done in my office. Test Positive. Pregnancy in 4/12 months. After 3 menstrual cycles. Gestation diabetes in the late 8 month of pregnancy was reported. She was treated by me through her pregnancy for diabetes. She refused taking pharmaceutical medications even she was forced when staying at the hospital. She visited my office weekly to review her diabetes test. Diabetes was removed completely by my protocol without taking Insulin or allopathic medications. Labor pain remedy and pathway remedy for pain and cramps given when labor pain starts. Full term pregnancy and gave birth to a health boy.

Major Stroke. Left Side Paralysis. Stuttering. Seizer with Vomiting. Incontinence.

•Joe. B. 66 years old-Athlete. Soccer player. Captain of the team.  Very active. Outgoing.  Stroke in February 2012. Hospitalized for 3 months. Variety of treatments by allopathic medications, anti-depressants, physiotherapy, speech therapy, intensive home care by nurses.

•On Seizer medications for a year and half. Seizer stopped for awhile. Medications stopped working.  Seizer came back aggressively with more intensity. Frequent relapses. He looked for alternative therapies. Started doing acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine and several other natural treatments. He was again hospitalized for frequent seizers with vomiting and incontinence. He was getting worse than before even on medications. •December 24, 2013. Astonishing recovery in 9 months. Walking without a cane. Talking clearly. No episodes of seizer since October 14th. 

Advanced Chron’s Disease. Auto-Immunity

•Jamal. Zak. July 2014 -Male 75 years old.  Diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. Frequent diarrhea. Bleeding. Lost too much weight. Very Pale. Constant pain and cramps. Injection and oral  Cortisones. Several allopathic medications including anti-depressants. 18 different medications for several conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglyceride, anti-inflammatory, anemia, constipation for the several years. Hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Undergone colonoscopy, ultrasound, x-ray, biopsy• Suggested to remove a large part of his large intestine and place a bag outside for defecation permanently. Family rejected taking the procedure and urgently removed him from the hospital.

•Progressive improvement in the first 3 weeks. No pain, no diarrhea, no tenesmus, eating better, sleep better, energy better •Blood test and ultrasound after 6 weeks from initial protocol:

• Lowered inflammatory factor. Iron level higher. Liver enzymes normal. RBC normal. White blood cells normal.

• Ultrasound: Tiny scattered lesions detected. Followed the initial protocol without a relapse for 3 months.

•Ultrasound: Normal

• Complete recovery in less than 5 months. Chron’s disease never returned to this day.

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