Joe and Gudrun Bartolomeo – Bolton , Ontario

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May 17, 2016
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July 17, 2016

Joe and Gudrun Bartolomeo – Bolton , Ontario

It is with pleasure that I provide you with our testimonial of Joe and his condition and how he progressed with your expertise.

Joe had a stroke on December 6th, 2009 (at 61 yrs. of age)..he was admitted into York Central stayed in emergency care for 2 days and then due to a shortage of ICU beds was sent to Buffalo…where after a week of ICU care he was released and  returned to York Central. While in Buffalo the doctors there determined that Joe had torn his carotid artery while sneezing, which lead to the blockage and resulting stroke.  Joe was left with paralysis on the left side. His gait is compromised and he has lost the function of his left arm.

When we left York Central  hospital in March of 2010 Joe was on a number of supplements from our Naturopath and a daily dosage of baby Aspirin.  Unfortunately on June28th, of 2010 Joe suffered a “Tonic”or Grand-mal seizure and thus began yet another direction in Joe’s recovery.  Joe had been undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and acupuncture in addition to physical rehabilitation therapies in an effort to regain as much motor ability as possible.

We saw a Neurologist who prescribed Dilantin a seizure medication. Joe had a severe adverse reaction to the medication and had to be hospitalized over –night.  The Neurologist suggested we try a fairly new medication (the one he was being given in the hospital) Keppra.  Joe became very lethargic on the medication and he was also very emotional while taking it.  We stopped the Keppra and then tried a number of Naturopathic remedies however they were not beneficial in the reduction of Joe’s bouts with Grand mal seizures. The remedies from the Naturopath did improve his overall cognitive function and physical strength also increased. He was having seizures as frequent as 6 weeks and as  long as 4 months.  We never knew when they would occur during the day or during his sleep.  He would feel his lip twitch and say “I think it’s coming” and as quick as he said it he would convulse, shake, wheeze, drool, and then sweat profusely while all the time being unresponsive to physical or verbal contact.

We were cautiously open to trying Homeopathic treatment as an option when our Naturopath and Doctor of Integrated Medicines, Dr. Nina Nejmeh recommended we consider the treatment of Joe’s seizures by her friend and colleague Dr. Parvin Zarrin.  Joe and I met with Dr. Zarrin in February of 2012 for the first time.  We consulted with Dr. Zarrin, Joe’s history and condition was reviewed.  Dr. Zarrin prescribed a number of Homeopathic drops and tablets that addressed his neurological issues… over a period of six months Joe’s seizures became less frequent.  We met with Dr. Zarrin approximately every 6 – 8 weeks and she would adjust his remedies as his symptoms required. When Joe began his treatment he was taking his remedies’ 3 times a day (each one 15 – 20 minutes apart) and it is with great joy that I share with you that as of July 4th 2012 he has not had a seizure of any kind that I have observed.  Joe continues to take his remedies once a day at this time and we are very grateful to Dr. Zarrin for her treatment of Joe. He has been seizure free for 1 full year and 3 months.

We are happy to refer patients to the knowledgeable practice of Homeopathic  Medicine and Nutrition of Dr. Parvin Zarrin.             With Thanks and Gratitude,  Joe and Gudrun Bartolomeo – Bolton , Ontario.