Nutrition support of Superfoods

An ideal symbiosis between effective nutrients and bioactive phytochemicals present in food creates food synergy. There are several indications through scientific research studies that reiterate the medicinal benefits of food synergy.

The course will encourage you to have a different combination of wholesome foods rather than taking single food in a routine diet. A balanced combination of vegetables and fruits in the diet provides additive interaction through an effective blend of phytochemicals present in a complete food substance.

You will be equally amazed to know that the food synergy can also improve your digestion ability, influence metabolic functioning, boost immunity, and potentially influence genetics to progress health conditions.


The course is held by  Associate Professor Dr. Nita Sharma Das

Course duration and the teaching method:

10 course 5 modules  of 2 hour each, online Zoom platform in a one-on-one mentorship basis or a group class.

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