Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Gastrointestinal Disorders

The incidence of gastrointestinal diseases among the population is high and it is largely due to an unhealthy diet, based on excessive consumption of products high in animal fats and proteins, foods high in sugar, fast food products, processed foods, etc. A disorganized lifestyle also contributes to the appearance and aggravation of various gastric diseases, with non-compliance with regular meals, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, and other factors. Herbal preparations come in direct contact with the lining of the digestive tract and effectively help to restore it and prevent serious conditions such as gastric and/or duodenal ulcers, as well as digestive bleeding. The great advantage of phytotherapeutic preparations lies in the fact that they can be combined with various complementary therapies (diet therapy, apitherapy, homeopathy, etc.), thus obtaining a synergistic potentiating effect, which allows faster healing of patients.

The course is held by  Associate Professor Dr.Ladislau Rosenberg

Course duration and the teaching method:

6 courses of 1 hour each, offered online on the Bio Quantum Academy Zoom in a one-on-one mentorship basis or a group class.


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