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Effective Lifestyle Medication For Stress Management

Course Instructor

Dr. Steve John Chiola has been involved in research, education, and practice in various fields of integrative medicine for over 35 years and he is recognized as a specialist in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Steve J. Chiola is the Founder and Director of Holos Academy (Switzerland and Italy). President of the Swiss Association of Clinical Aromatherapy and was the Founder and Educational Director of Equilibrium Academy (Switzerland) …

Dr.Steve John Chiola

Bio Quantum Academy Specialized Individual Course

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Stress is a psychological condition that primarily occurs under mental, physical, or emotional pressure. In our day-to-day life, stress is a common condition. But people who experience stress repeatedly over a long period may develop health problems. Lifestyle medicine is viewed as a complement to conventional medical approaches as it is a cost effective and most accessible treatment. Lifestyle medicine helps patients live distress free life by creating personalized treatment plans targeting relationships, physical activity, nutrition, sleep recovery and
substance use.

Course modules
Module 1: Introduction of Stress
Module 2: Difference between positive (eustress) and negative impact (distress) of stress
Module 3: Gut brain connection
Module 4: Avoid brain toxins
Module 5: Actionable steps to prevent distress

Effective Lifestyle Medication For Stress Management

an integrative therapy supporting body, mind and soul healing

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