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Dr. Kevin KF

Internationally renowned for his contribution to cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Kevin KF Ng graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from the University of Singapore in 1962. Intrigued by the hypotension caused by emetine in a patient with amebiasis, he joined the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Singapore as an Assistant Lecturer. His research led to the discovery of the adrenergic and cholinergic neuronal blockade by emetine thus explaining the hypotensive effect of emetine in clinical practice. The degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred upon him in 1967. To further his career in Pharmacology, Dr. Ng went to work under Professor John R. Vane in 1966. Under the guidance of JR Vane, 1982 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Ng discovered that the inactive angiotensin I was converted to active angiotensin II by an enzyme in the lungs. This was followed by the discovery of an enzyme inhibitor present in the snake venom of Bothrops jararaca. Subsequent investigations by Squibb Pharmaceutical Company led to the isolation, synthesis, and clinical use of captopril (Capoten) the first ACE inhibitor in 2081. To date, there are 10 ACE inhibitors available for the treatment of hypertension, congestive heart failure, and diabetic kidney disease. His thesis on “Dynamics of the renin-angiotensin system” earned him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of London on October 9 th , 1968. Dr. Ng moved to the U.S.A. in 1981 when he was appointed Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami. He has published many research articles in peer-reviewed journals and completed more than 150 clinical trials for pharmaceutical industries. Having practiced medicine for more than fifty years, Dr. Ng turned his interest to Food as Medicine in 2008 because foods and medicines have a common origin. Moreover, Dr. Ng believes in Hippocrates’ teaching “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” Since 2016, Dr. Ng has uploaded more than 100 lectures in SlideShare featuring Food as Medicine, Fruit as Medicine, Vegetable as Medicine, Spice as Medicine, COVID-19, phytochemicals, beverages, insect stings and bites, soft tissue injuries, diabetic neuropathy, and palliative care. His research on food uncovered numerous beneficial properties among phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and beverages. These benefits are derived from their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory, anticancer, anti-aging, analgesic, anti- hypertensive, anti-diabetic, and anti-hyperlipidemic properties. The recent discoveries of phytochemicals in herbs, spices, and essential oils on nociceptive ion channels open a new era for pain management.
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