Aromatherapy: an oncological support

There is an ever-growing interest in oncology and essential oils. Research done through the Internet many times is misleading, confusing, or even wrong. This unfortunately is due to the misinterpretation of research data, many studies are done on cell lines others on Guinea pigs and there is not much clinical research to be found. Another confusing point is an inadequate knowledge of the chemistry and the extraction methodologies of essential oils, there are statements concerning molecules that simply cannot be extracted with the conventional extractive techniques used in aromatherapy.

The question being: can aromatherapy be supportive in oncology, the answer is yes but we must understand where are the limits. In areas such as pain, radiation burns, side effects of chemotherapy, wound healing and other factors aromatherapy can be very supportive and actually a very effective methodology. There are certain researches that evidence the use of aromatherapy to lower the incidence of cancer cell replication, but this is one of the topics that we will be addressing in our course.


The course is held by  Associate Professor  Dr. Steve John  Chiola

Course duration and the teaching method:

10 course 5 modules  of 2 hour each, online Zoom platform in a one-on-one mentorship basis or a group class.

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